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They really are Brill!

We now stock 2 new (to us) BRILL machines:



1. The Brill VL 38 B – SCARIFIER

Treat your lawn to this ultimate facelift!  It removes thatch, moss, leftover grass and dead plant residue – once again your lawnmower can breathe!!  The switch between the scarifying roller with its 3 level steel blades and the aerator drum with its steel spring tines is simplicity itself.  Air, water and nutrients can get straight back to grass roots.

Brill Scarifier




A “steal” for £359.00 inc VAT





Splitting Logs by hand is no fun – especially in the cold weather.  The Brill Log Splitter turn this chore into a fast, effortless action!  You can put 5 tons of splitting force to work with a simple two-button operation.  The integrated workbench with easy-rolling transport wheels even makes transport around the garden easy – giving you more time indoors to enjoy the warmth!


Brill Logsplitter


Only £329.00 inc VAT



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